November 21st, 2017

The first UCB show I saw was in 2005. I was in college. I was about to deep dive into comedy and my friends told me about UCB. When I got there, I was underwhelmed (I didn’t know what a blackbox theater meant…) I was like where are the backdrops?!?! Where are the curtains?? Why is that pillar right there?!?!!?!
The first sketch set place in a restaurant and there was a prop framed picture on the wall and it fell on the ground by accident and one of the actors picked it up and said something about a ghost making it drop. Wow! I thought! They made that accident even funnier! I can never do that!!!!
12 years later… I hope I make accidents funny!

Catch her team at UCB Hells Kitchen ever 4th Monday of the Month!