Angel Yau.

“I always ask myself, why am I an artist? Why am I a comedian? I’m talking about myself way too much- am I being narcissistic? The creative type will always question their careers, am I really contributing to society?
Yes. It’s our responsibility as artists to make sure no one feels like they’re alone- through art, through music, through story…  
Feeling like you are the only person who feels a certain way in the whole world is scary. It’s okay to talk about yourself. Someone is listening, even if it’s just one person. Even if your story is simply about peeing on yourself in public as an adult. Your story might save someone.
What I’m trying to say is that I peed on myself a lot as an adult and I hope other people have too.”



Angel Yau came out of her mother’s vagina not kicking or screaming but quiet as a mouse. The nurse thought she was dead until she smacked Angel’s little butt. That really symbolizes Angel’s personality… Right?

She grew up being shy, reserved and awkward around people but she secretly loves attention. One day in high school, she decided to run for Student Government just so she can have that spotlight on her for 5 minutes. She knew she had to stand out. So she decided to write a song that rhymes with her last name. And that inadvertently launched her comedy career.

Angel is a comedic storyteller, sketch performer and filmmaker based out of Queens, New York. She studied film, creative writing and the ability to laugh at herself at Ithaca College.

After college, she joined the Upright Citizens Brigade theater diving into improv, sketch, storytelling and videos.

Her closest opportunity to fame was being picked to almost be on a reality TV show, called  “Comic Genius” produced by Happy Madison because of her “non-traditional comic persona.” The show is no longer (was never) in production.

The proudest art she made was a stop-motion animation called “The Artist Inside Me.” It made its way onto a few blogs. Neatorama was the first to pick it up stating, “As Picasso once supposedly said, ‘All children are born artists. The problem is to remain artist as we grow up.’  Storyteller Angel Yau created this touching and funny animation about her journey of not becoming an artist. Well, sort of. She’s still an artist in all of our hearts.”

Hopefully she will always be an artist in everyone’s hearts always.